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At Brooks LeBoeuf, PA, our legal defense team is confident in our ability to make sure our client gets the absolute best defense possible. Because a criminal record can and will define your future, anyone who is or may be charged with any type of criminal offense should obtain legal assistance as quickly as possible.

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide variety of criminal matters and if contacted early, they can oftentimes keep you from being arrested or help you minimize the consequences of an arrest. If you have any questions about your legal rights, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Tallahassee criminal defense lawyers.

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Over the years, we have represented thousands of individuals in large and small cases. Our clients have included politicians, celebrities, and athletes.

We take pride in resolving most of our cases without drawing any unwanted media attention to our clients. You should never face criminal charges alone. Let us help you get the representation you deserve. You have too much at stake not to protect your rights.



The laws we’re all subject to are complex, but the Brooks LeBoeuf, P.A. defense team has the experience to deal with any of the charges commonly experienced in this area.

We’re here when you’ve been charged with:


Any of the charges outlined above can significantly influence your future so it’s important to discuss your case with a Tallahassee criminal lawyer before taking any other actions. We’ll provide the information you need to protect your rights as the process moves forward. Our team is fully prepared to be there for you when you need counsel to minimize or eliminate the potential consequences of those charges.


Another important consideration is sealing or expunging a record. In some cases, a criminal defense attorney from Brooks LeBoeuf, P.A., may be able to work with you to seal or expunge a record. Doing so would mean prospective employers or landlords would no longer be able to see any evidence of that old charge. However, expunging a record is not a simple process, and not all charges can be expunged. If your record is negatively impacting your life, now is the time to discuss the issue with our team.

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There Is Too Much at Stake when you’re facing any type of criminal charges not to approach your case with dedicated and trial-ready counsel in your corner. We’ve put together some information you can use to help determine what steps are necessary to protect your rights. We have compiled a list of videos to help you learn more about the criminal system and how you can protect YOUR rights. Please take advantage of all the resources available on this website so you can make the best decision about your future.

We believe you’ve got Too Much At Stake not to get the best possible representation from a Brooks LeBoeuf, P.A. attorney. Take charge of your defense and contact our team for a free consultation today.