We know that the job interview process can be nerve-wracking and stressful. There are many steps to take to prepare, including updating your resume, making sure you arrive on time for an interview, and being qualified for the position. If you find that you are interviewing for jobs that you are qualified for, however, and are repeatedly being turned down for the position, there may be a bigger issue at play.

Unfortunately, the issue may be gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination in the hiring process occurs when an employer treats a job applicant differently based solely on his or her gender. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 specifically prohibits gender discrimination in job recruiting, hiring, and firing. To help better inform you about the various types of gender discrimination in the hiring process, let us share with you some warning signs to watch out for.

Direct Gender Discrimination

Direct gender discrimination occurs when an employer specifically does not hire a qualified job applicant solely on the basis of his or her gender. For example, if an employer hires an unqualified male candidate for a position that a qualified female candidate also applied for because the employer prefers to have males in the workplace, this may give rise to a direct gender discrimination claim. Direct gender discrimination can also take other forms, for example, if an employer asks a female candidate whether she has, or plans to have, children.

Indirect Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the hiring process, however, may not always be obvious. Indirect gender discrimination occurs when an employer has hiring practices that have the effect of discriminating against a certain gender. For example, if an employer sets interview appointments late in the day where a woman with children may not be able to attend, or if the employer stipulates certain weight or height requirements that may not be easily attainable for a woman. These are just a few examples, however, it is important to stay informed about signs that may indicate you are a target of gender discrimination in the hiring process.

Gender discrimination can take many forms, and may not always be easy to identify. Do you have questions about anything discussed in this blog? Were you recently turned down for a job you are qualified for? Do not wait to contact us to schedule a meeting with a member of our local, experienced employment discrimination team for a free case evaluation.