Whistleblower Claims

When someone is deemed a “whistleblower,” they can be glorified or they can be vilified. Whistleblower protection laws are in place to protect employees who seek to expose the wrongdoings of the company they work for but often times an employer or supervisor will retaliate resulting in the loss of wages or wrongful termination. Whistleblowing can include:

  • Refusing to participate in unlawful activities
  • Written notice of intent to disclose unlawful activities
  • Reporting of unsafe or illegal activity to authorities
  • Cooperating with authorities investigating wrongdoing
  • Reporting Fraud

The punitive action taken against whistleblowers is not always wrongful on the part of the employer and that’s why you need an attorney experienced in employment law to assist you with your case. You have TOO MUCH AT STAKE not to protect yourself from wrongful retaliation by going it alone. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so that you are protected from such retributions.